We run an extensive installation service, involving cookers, hobs and extractor fans. Whether it is to wire in an electrical cooker or wire in a shower, our electrician can cater for you. Alternatively we run an extensive appliance disconnection service which caters for all your electrical needs. We have much to offer in this area of work and pride ourselves on our skills and levels of service.

Have you experienced a power cut? Fuses are often the culprit in power cuts. If your neighbour reports no problem, then it probably is a fault in a circuit main or the fuse box in the property. Our electricians believe that despite their common occurrence they are issues to be taken seriously and use their expertise and experience to ensure a repair well done. Using their competence and skill they will investigate the problem, formulate a course of action and ensure a quick return to power at the property. Often it would be a simple fuse replacement or fuse box repair. On occasion however you may find yourself with a greater issue and the fuse box will need to be completely replaced. Our electricians will advise on the best course of action in this case so you need not worry.

Our services include:
• Periodic inspections (includes a certificate)
• Installation or disconnection of cookers and appliances
• Rewiring of properties
• Fuse box repair or replacement
• Replacement of fuses
• PAT testing
• Light repair, replacement or new installation
• Resolution of power cuts in the property
• Socket repair, replacement or new installation

What we provide:
• We operate a service 24 hours a day*, 7 days a week*.
• There are no call-out charges at all.
• All our work is insurance approved and fully guaranteed.
• There are free written estimates and quotes provided for our work.
• We cover a large variety of emergency and non-emergency repairs.
• Our electricians and technicians are fully qualified.
• Our electricians are Police registered.
• We provide a 30-90 minute response time for our work.*
• We provide a high quality service at competitive rates.
• We have a friendly and welcoming office staff.
• All of our parts are British Standard in their level of quality.